What is AirSig Web API?

AirSig Web API is an online service for any applications to integrate AirSig technology to uplift their user experience, security level, and convenience. Any registered developers could use AirSig Web API to develop their own applications.

Fields of Application

AirSig technology, unlike gesture recognition, can provide signature authentication and immediate response. Applying AirSig technology earlier could differentiate your business from your competitors. AirSig technology could be applied to wide fields such as Login Authentication, Digital Signing or Approval, Secret Protection, Payment Authorization, Motion Sensor Gaming, Wearables, or even IoT. You can imagine the scenarios as below:

Application Field


Login Authentication

Most Web and App use ID and password as login authentication, now you can have a chance to implement an easier and more secure way to replace it in your application.

Digital Signing / Approval

Since everyone's signature is unique for each person. AirSig technology is anti-spoofing and could apply to the process which requires unreliableness. For example, signing contract, enterprise management-level approval.

Secret Protection

Many people store secret and privacy information such as photo, video, even ID/Password in their mobile phone and worry about data leakage. You can lock them and unlock quickly with AirSig technology.

Payment Authrization

When we would like to buy something online, payment is the most complex process, because you need to mnaually enter credit card number, cardholder name, shipping address, etc. You can set the info in advance, then use AirSig technology to automatically retrieve them in one shot to speed it up.

Motion Sensor Gaming

AirSig technology can recognize ezch one's unique way of motion. Beside authentication, it can be applied on gaming such as wizardry game, golf swinging/baseball striking training game. Users could simulate the standard action to get different feedback or score based on their accuracy level.


Most of the wearable devices are lack of input interfaces like screen and keyboard. AirSig technology can send commands to external devices through waving your wearable device.


It is possible to make your mobile phone or wearable device as a key to authenticate and control an IoT device in one shot remotely, for example, open the door or turn on the TV. You can refer to our AirDoor implementation for more inspiration.

Support and Service

AirSig Web API is free for use, and the support and service is listed in following table. It should be sufficient for you to try out your idea. If your application has lots of users, and the web API is not enough, please contact us.

AirSig will review using status of each Web API users annually to keep the granted license key valid or not. If you haven't use the web API for a long time, we might stop your license.

Support & Service

Maximum amount of application embedded/integrated with AirSig Web API


Online support such as E-mail and forum


AirSig marketing assistance for application/service which applied AirSig Web API